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I am a bi coastal director, producer, and editor. I received my B.A. from Bard College and I've produced a wide range of work including music videos, fashion editorials, political and digital ads. My directorial works with clients like Planned Parenthood, AdCouncil, The Cut, and Estée Lauder have yielded millions of organic views and widespread media attention. I recently wrapped my debut short film entitled, “Out There”, a psychological thriller about a young woman and a familiar place turned predatory. The film features Jessica Sula (Skins, Godless, Split) and is set to release early 2025.


Full Production Support

Offering comprehensive assistance at every stage of production, from pre-production planning to shoot day through post-production polish, and delivery.

Creative Direction

Providing strategic vision and guidance throughout the creative process, ensuring cohesive execution of concepts and ideas.


Orchestrating the visual elements of a project, guiding actors and crew to bring scripts and concepts to life with precision and passion.


Overseeing every aspect of production, from budgeting to scheduling, to vendor and crew management, to ensure projects are executed efficiently and effectively.


Seamlessly stitching together footage to craft compelling narratives, ensuring fluidity and coherence in storytelling.

Motion Graphics

Adding dynamic visual elements to enhance storytelling, from animated text to original illustrative content, amplifying engagement.


  • Ragan's CSR & Diversity Awards 2022

    Diversity Award Cultural Celebration or Event
  • 14th Annual Shorty Awards

  • 2nd Annual Anthem Awards

    Gold Winner
  • Indie Short Fest

    Winner Best Thriller Short 2024, Winner Best Women Short July 2023
  • Portland Shorts International Film Festival

    Winner Best Thriller Short 2024
  • Venice Art & Film Festival

    Winner Best Debut Work 2023
  • Brussels International Film Festival

    Award Winner 2023
  • Toronto Women Film Festival

    Nominee Best First Time Filmmaker + Best Thriller 2024
  • Berlin Women Festival

    Nominee Best Women Short 2024
  • Green Mountain International Film Festival

    Finalist/Official Selection 2024
  • New York Indie Shorts Awards

    Finalist 2023
  • Director Talents Movie Awards London

    Official Selection 2023/2024
  • RED Movie Awards France

    Official Selection 2023
  • Budapest Movie Award

    Official Selection 2023
  • Shockfest Film Festival

    Official Selection 2023
  • 11th Annual Farhang Foundation Film Festival

    Official Selection
  • Bitesize Film Festival

    Official Selection 2018