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It's On Us x Snapchat Safety Map PSA

Director/Editor/Motion GFX: Laila Iravani


In early 2022 It’s On Us and Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, announced a new partnership to remind young people to help one another stay safe online and in real life, and combat campus sexual assault via a new safety feature on Snapchat's existing Snap Map. 


The new tool allows Snapchatters to temporarily share their real-time location with a close friend or family member whether they are on their way to meet up or on their way home at night. 

In addition, when Snapchat users search terms like, "Sexual Assualt," "Campus Safety," "Greek Life," Snapchat will take users to the Here For You landing page with the It's On Us x Snapchat PSA and other resources and support tools. 

(In-app video)

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